Tänään, 28 helmikuuta, on Kalevalanpäivä. Hyvää päivää kaikille Suomalaisille!!!
Well, sorry all Finnish people if there is any error… I wanted to say” today, 28 february, is the Kalevala Day, Happy day to all the Finns!!! I am not sure about Suomalaisille.

Hoy es el día del Kalevala, poesía épica recopilada por Elias Lönnrot, equivalente a lo que puede ser “El Quijote” o “El Poema del Mío Cid” en España, de una importancia máxima. Tengo que decir que, sorprendentemente, me ha gustado el comienzo del libro, me lo regalaron en inglés y lo leo de vez en cuando, de poco en poco para no empacharme. Es muy denso pero bonito.

Today is the Kalevala Daym epic poetry compiled by Elias Lönnrot, equivalent in importance to “ElQuijote” or “El Poema del Mío Cid” in Spain. I have to say, that, surprisingly, I have liked the beginning of the book, I got it as a present, and I read it from time to time, not to get an excess. It is very dense, but also beautiful.

Aquí está el comienzo del mismo:
Here is the start of the book:

I. In the Beginning

I have a good mind
take into my head
to start off singing
begin reciting

reeling off a tale of kin
and singing a tale of kind.
The words unfreeze in my mouth
and the phrases are tumbling
upon my tongue they scramble
along my teeth they scatter.
Brother dear, little brother
fair one that grew up with me
start off now singing with me
begin reciting with me
since we have got together
since we have come from two ways!
We seldom get together
and meet each other
on these poor borders
the luckless lands of the North.

And so on. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Photographic experiments with snow

Esta foto fue tomada la pasada madrugada del sabado al domingo, mientras caia una de las mayores nevadas que recuerdo en Madrid, serían las 6:30 de la mañana y cuando volví de salir por ahí, cogí la camara y me puse a experimentar. En B/N y color, a ver cual os gusta más.

This picture was taken last saturday to sunday night, while one of the greatest snowfall that I remember in Madrid, it was 6:30 aproximately in the morning, when I came back from going out, I took my camera and started to experiment. In B/W and colour, Which one do you like most?

We are Scientists in Madrid

Today We are Scientists play in Madrid, Moby Dick club, I am really looking forward to see one of my favourite bands of the last months. I feel I am a Scientist today more than other days!!! And I hope it is a sign that I am going to work again as a Scientist soon!!!!

Hoy We are Scientists tocan en Madrid, en la sala Moby Dick, realmente estoy edeseando ver a una de mis bandas favoritas de los últimos meses. Me siento un científico hoy mucho más que otros días!!! Y espero que sea una señal de que voy a ejercer de nuevo como ello dentro de poco!!!!

Third chapter: Best songs 2005

I have a mix with the songs I consider to be as the best during last year. Many others did not have a place finally, but I am glad about the 2 cds I have recorded. Here they are:

Tengo un mix con las canciones que considero son las mejores del pasado año. Otras muchas no tuvieron su sitio finalmente, pero estoy contento de los dos cds que he grabado. Ahí van:


    1. Teenage Fanclub – born under a good sign (3:00)
    2. Death Cab For Cutie – Soul Meets Body (3:51)
    3. Weezer – This Is Such A Pity (3:24)
    4. Millencolin – Shut You Out (3:39)
    5. Shout Out Louds – Very Loud (4:04)
    6. Editors – Munich (3:46)
    7. HIM – Rip out the wings of a butterfly (3:29)
    8. Idlewild – Love steals us from loneliness (3:12)
    9. Mew – Apocalypso (4:46)
    10. Bloc Party – Luno (3:56)
    11. Low – Everbody’s Song (3:55)
    12. Nada Surf – Always Love (3:20)
    13. Carpark North – Human (2:30)
    14. Rise Against – Swing Life Away (3:20)
    15. We Are Scientists – The Great Escape (3:18)
    16. Juliette And The Licks – Got Love To Kill (3:45)
    17. Ladytron – Destroy Everything You Touch (4:37)
    18. Madonna – Hung Up (5:36)
    19. Rammstein – Stirb nicht vor mir // Don’t Die Before I Do Feat. Sharleen Spiteri (4:05)


    1. Kashmir – Kalifornia (5:27)
    2. Millencolin – Stalemate (3:18)
    3. Span – Better Belive it (3:44)
    4. Disco Ensemble – We Might Fall Apart (4:28)
    5. We Are Scientists – This Scene Is Dead (3:43)
    6. Kaiser Chiefs – Modern Way (4:03)
    7. Foo Fighters – In Your Honor (3:50)
    8. The Posies – Second Time Around (3:36)
    9. Maximo Park – Apply some pressure (3:20)
    10. James Blunt – Wisemen (3:42)
    11. Bloc Party – This Modern Love (4:25)
    12. Kent – Palace & Main (4:05)
    13. Wir Sind Helden – Wenn Es Passiert (3:33)
    14. Armor for sleep – Awkward last words (3:46)
    15. Poets of the Fall – Lift (5:10)
    16. Apulanta – Pahempi toistaan (5:09)
    17. Coldplay – Square One (4:47)
    18. Ivan Ferreiro – El Viaje De Chihiro (3:10)
    19. Lou Barlow – Legendary (4:11)

Mi first dream in finnish // Mi Primer sueño en finés

It was something like 3 nights ago, I remember myself somewhere and somehow, don’t blame me, it ‘s hard to remember dreams very well, but, the thing is that I dreamt in finnish: I met a girl and she could speak a little spanish, and then , when she told me that she was from Finland, I started to talk in finnish, very basic, but finnish: Puhun vähän suomea, Olin suomessa 7 kuuta, Mikä sinun nimesi on?.. Well, simple, but, as I said: Suomi!!!!

Fue hace unas tres noches, me recuerdo en algún sitio y de alguna forma, no me echéis la bronca, ya sabéis que es difícil recordar sueños pasado un tiempo, pero buen, la cosa es que soñé en finés, muy básico, pero finés: Puhun vähän suomea, Olin suomessa 7 kuuta, Mikä sinun nimesi on?, bueno, simple, pero, como he dicho: Suomi!!!