Here I go

Well, yes, in a few hours I am travelling to Finland again, almost 8 months later, in order to do (at the moment) 1 interview and a serious talk with my ex-supervisor there, to start a PhD.
It is strange, more than other times, because I am travelling and I don’t have a flight back to Madrid and because I will be in the city I wanted to be but I could not, although the possibilty of leaving again and not coming back it’s sad. It will be more if I feel that I am not coming back. Sometimes I think that things there are still how I left them, and I know many things have changed and it won’t be the same, because of that I am afraid also, it is something like: “Me against the marvellous past“, and I hope I could cope with the present. It has been a desired place to live in the last months and I know I will be happy there even if the conditions have changed. But it will be hardat the begining: more responsability, less party, more serious work, but that is what I want!
And also, the sensation I have, I know it is only for a couple of weeks maximum, but, for example, when I said goodbye to my friend Bruno, it was exactly the same situation as the first time I left to Finland that 10th of january..I don’t know what to expect and I don’t know what will happen, but I had to do this. I hope it will be a great start of many beautiful and good things. Yes, Vic, Let’s believe in great things to come!!
I hope to have access to a computer to write something, but I don’t know, I wil probably write something in a diary and then publish it in the near future with the original date.

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