When the ground spits fire

It is annoying how warm is Madrid in summer, it is unnatural for me and I can’t stand it, it is useless to have a shower just before going out because in 10 minutes you are sweating to death. The ground acummulates heat and it spits it directly to you and to every living being. And then, the sun, fortunately only during the day, it makes impossible for me to stay outside the shade…Unbelievable.
Nowadays I don’t have PC at home, so that means that I can not post even if I have ideas to do it…
I am PC junkie, I have to say, maybe, but I am sure that that will disappear when I will be busy working, and the fact that I listen to music in the PC and I am listening to it every single second I am at home, that is the main reason. I have probably lost all my mp3 and DVD’s I had in my hard drive… that is a pity.
But, time is running out here in the cyber, so,I hope to see you soon, maybe from Finland.

A cup of tea after a long and cold walk

They had a promise to keep. Both were at the place they promised to meet one day. They both did it, in one or another way, how does not matter anymore. Girl and boy, woman and man, meet in the Harbour, just where all these boats for tourists sail, where both took those boats themselves one day in the past, as travellers they were. It is a sunny saturday morning of a typical winter. It’s cold, very, but it does not matter, it is sunny and they both like sunny winter days.
Just a Hello! and an embrace and the couple starts walking along Espa, it is all full of snow, they are walking over it, and, of course, as usual, he has brought his camera. He is talking pictures of everything, incluiding her. She is smiling, in a way, she believes him crazy, but in the good sense. He smiles too. Finally, she is his particular model, well, although he does not consider this conditions as the best to takes pictures of her. He would like it to be in a studio, at her or his place, for example. In a more intimate atmosphere. But today is a first opportunity. The conversation that has already started is great, free and easy, as the first times they talked. They are enjoying it. They really do, and they deserve it, after all the time spent in thinking and looking for an opportunity to see each other.
The station is just a few metres further away, their destination is the National Park near the city. First they are taking a train and then a bus. They will spend there some hours. An easy walking route will be enough.
It takes time to arrive to the Park, but once they are there it’s worth the trip. They follow the short route finally, it’s about enjoying nature, not being exhausted, maybe they are going out tonight.
The lakes are frozen, for him it is still strange and exciting, and scary, of course, he is from south Europe, and that is not common there. He likes cold, that white and attractive landscapes. When he was young he used to play with snow every occasion that he could. On the contrary, she does not like cold, she is a northern european, she prefers the warm soft summers, but she smiles because she is having fun, and she is happy, all her ghosts, all that state of apathy from the past is gone. She has been smiling all the morning, and he loves to see her on that mood. It is a true smile, it comes from her inside, from her heart.
They walk over the ice, it is not the first time, but it is still exciting. He takes more and more pictures, it is a perfect day for it. It is a perfect day for everything.
They follow the path until they choose a beautiful place, to have something like a “lunch”, and some warm drink, coffee, I think. And they continue until they complete the path. It took them almost 3 hours to do it and it was very beautiful. It takes a while until the bus to return home comes, then a train, and, once in the city centre they decided to have a warm tea and more conversation, focusing on it and, why not, rest. They are tired.
They laugh at the pictures again, and he promises to give her a cd with them, or go one day to her place to tranfer them into her PC.

-And what about tonight? Do you feel like going out?
-Yes, although I am tired, but we can recover and sleep tomorrow, it’s sunday.
-Ok, great!! Where do you want to go? We could maybe go to the place we met. Do you remember?
-Yes, it would be perfect if we go there. Great!

Europe, Europe, Europe,….

…, the Old Europe. How beautiful it is, how many lovely hidden places belong to Europe. I was travelling through it during 2 inter rails that I will remember among the best trips of my whole life. And, no, I am not in Europe, we are not in Europe, we are in Spain, part of it geographically, but far away of its culture, respect and facilities, ok, why do I give examples…Of almost everything. Far away from everything,except sun and party. Ands I would change all our sunny days for a better country, I would without any remorse or regret. Europe starts in France, if they do consider themselves as europeans. Why don’t we have trams? Why don’t we have a more pleasant summer? Why that stupid (but true) sentence “Spain is different”? I am sorry, very sorry, but I am not proud of being spanish. Good night.

In the Matrix

Last weekend I was talking with a friend about films. I am not very very very fond of cinema or buying Dvd’s or collecting special editions. I like it, more and more since I went to Norway, where it was one of our best distractions. But nothing comparable to collecting cd’s, I love that. But today it was one of these days that you feel like staying at home watching a film. I felt very bad (emotionally and physically) the entire week so I decided that it would be good to stay at home today. And it was a good choice.
I have watched the game Germany-Portugal first. Nothing really special. Germany won as I expected. Then I wanted to watch “Fargo”, one of my favourite films ever, but I realized that I hadn’t admired “Matrix” for a long time. Yes, well, many persons like it because their fights and such stuff. I do also, but, the philosophical similarity that it has with our reality is amazing. Just judge yourself. Maybe you like it or not, maybe you find it Science fiction, but further away, I believe, first of all, that this is a philosophical film. And a harsh critic to mankind, and I love it also. We are like a virus!! It sounds disgusting maybe, but, for me, it sounds funny because I think that, in a way, it is what we are.
I like when Morfeus tells Neo something like: “Nobody has to tell you what or who you are, it doesn’t have to be prove, you just have to know it yourself” (I insist in “something like that”, don’t take it as read). In a society like ours, where “What the rest would say” matters, and a lot, this sentece amazes me. We have just to figure out what we are, and know it, believe ourselves important, because we are. KNOW WHO YOU ARE.
Goodnight, inhabitants of the Matrix.

Writings coming back

Today is has just been a really bad day. 3 nights from the last 6 I have had nightmares. Today I did not, but I had a tremendous headache when I woke up. People in general in Spain don’t speak English. Maybe I have figured out what to do this summer finally and maybe work and study. it is sad to say that the best thing has been the World Cup game between Italy and Germany. I’ve been visiting my grandmother.
But the main subject of this post is this I have written.

Tu voz
se torna ausente
tus letras desaparecen
noto tu ausencia,
pese a que nunca has estado.
Veo tu sonrisa,
en fotos de lugares dorados.
Te echo de menos,
pese a que nunca te tuve en mis brazos.
Y aún tengo (o tenía) planes,
para una visita fugaz,
pero en la que se pare el tiempo
y ya nada importe,

Me pregunto si aún me esperas,
fumando en la noche,
si aún sueñas con mis besos,
que te harían temblar,
si aún te ríes con mis bromas,
o te las tomas a mal.
Me pregunto tantas cosas,
y no sé ninguna.
Quisiera estar en tantos sitios,
y no estoy en ninguno.
Querría hablar tantas horas contigo
que me quedaría sin voz,
y entonces,
gastaría mi vista sólo en mirarte,
mi tacto en acariciarte,
y así,
hasta quedarme sin sentido alguno.

Your voice
turns absent
your words disappear
I feel your absence,
although you have never been.
I see your smile,
in pictures of golden places.
I miss you,
although I never had you in my arms.
And i still have (or had) plans
for a brief visit,
but, in which the time stops,
and nothing else matters,

I ask myself
if you are still waiting for me,
while you smoke in the night,
if you still dream about my kisses,
that would make you shake,
if you still laught with my jokes,
or you take them bad.
I ask myself so many things,
and I don’t know any.
I would like to be in many places,
and I am not in any.
I would like to talk so many hours with you,
that I would loose my voice,
and then,
I would consume my sight only in looking at you,
my touch in caress you,
and in that way,
until I had no more senses left.

Back from Bilbao

Ayer volví de pasar 3 días en Bilbao con los Julios. Gracias desde aquí por lo BIEN que se portaron conmigo. Me hacen sentir como en casa. Pondré alguna foto en “Only Pictures” pronto. Quizás (bueno, sin el quizás) demasiada fiesta y poca visita a Bilbao, pero me tengo que buscar fines de semana en los que no haya fiestas. La proxima vez.

Yesterday I have came back after spending 3 days in Bilbao with the “Julios”. Thanks a lot for how pleasant they were with me. They make feel like at home. I will post some pictures at “Only Pictures” soon . Maybe (well, without maybe) too much party and less visits to Bilbao, but I have to go another weekend withoput parties. Next time.