A big city, beautiful girls and my first question in a scientific talk

I am part of the SETAC XVIII meeting in Warsaw, Poland.
I started a little bit shy, like overwhelmed by all the personalities of Science that are here, by all the people that have been working in this field during half or their lives.
I, just finished my first year as a PhD student, have never lived a meeting like this. many people from almost all the corners of the World, many talks and scientific points of view. A lot of posters, some of them marvellous with excellent scientific issues, and some others bad, but not for that less important maybe, just bad designed. One of those will be mine. On wednesday, I will “defend” a part of the work I have been doing the last year of my life. And I think is a good poster with some hints of some new things. Well, my wheel at the end is running. Let’s hope it will never stop again.

Where and how you will be in 30 years…….

I wonder if I will remember this night, I wonder if I will remember the concert I have just been to. Disco Ensemble has rocked Joensuu’s kellari today and I was there to enjo. A good way to start your 33th year. 32 years ago you just were born or about to be born. I think I was born at 6:00. More than 30 years have passed and I guess my mother has not forgotten. And she never will.
I was coming home from Karjalantalo and I just have started to think this, where will I be in 30 years…? will I still be alive? Will I be happy with the life I have spent in already 62 years…. ?
I don’t know.
Sometimes it seems that we do not enjoy life. And I mean every single moment of it. That’s why I wanted a job where I would enjoy, and luckily I do have it now.
I’ll try to remember all these days, all that people and all that situations that have built my life somehow. The puzzle of my life. All that situations, all that people are little pieces of the puzzle I am making. It is a beautiful one. Please, don’t miss it, you a re a valuable piece and without it the puzzle is not complete. Do you understand? For good or evil, all of you have been already pieces of my puzzle, and I hope I am/was/have been a piece of yours. That’s how we make this world run.
I hope that I will be proud of myself and whatever I have done in my life. I am now, I think, why shouldn’t I? I am.
Good night.

This band deserves a lot

Disco Ensemble‘s , Magic Recoveries new album is out. In my opinion, best live act in Finland. Really. Here is the new single, “Bad luck charm”, a hit single. I love it, it’s amazing. They come to Joensuu on thursday, so I am going to be there for sure to see them for the third time. The other w times I’ve seen them, probably one of th best concerts I have seen from a finnish band, specially the last one in Ankkarock, 2007. I couldn’t stop dancing and they put as much energy as they could it was unbelievable.

Anyway, enjoy: Single of the month without any doubts: