Best albums of 2008

New technologies are great to develop a better world. New techniques are applied in research, normal life, construction, etc, to develop better tasks and to develop the World in general. That is what happens with the mp3 technologies and the internet. It allows you to listen to thousands of bands that would never had been reached you if internet was not there. So that is the point. After listen to an album I may buy it if I find a reasonable seller that sells it at a reasonable price.
Anyway, as I am listening to music all days, this list may be long, but that is thanks to the new technologies. And believe me I have bought quite a lot of those cds. But I can not buy everything I listen to. Impossible.
As always, no order established, just the best ones of 2008.

Tv on the radio “Dear Science”
Blood Red Shoes “Box of secrets”
Feeder ” Silent cry”
British Sea Power “Do you like rock music?”
Duels “The barbarians move in”
Girls in Hawaii “Plan your scape”
Sons and Daughters “This gift”
Last shadow puppets “Age of the understatement”
Underwater sleeping Society “The dead Vegas”
¡Forward, Russia! “Life processes”
Disco Ensemble “Magic recoveries”
Tiger Lou ” A partial print”
Die! Die! Die! “Promises promises”
Snow Patrol “A hundred million suns”
Bob Mould “District line”
The Music “Strength in numbers”
The Subways “All or nothing”
Frightened rabbit “The midnight organ fight”
Von Hertzen Brothers “Love remains the same”
Fucked up “The chemistry of common life”
R.E.M. ” Accelerate”
Santogold “st”
The Departure “Inventions”
We are Scientists “Brain thrust mastery”
Beck “Modern guilt”
Tokyo Police club ” Elefant shell”
Foals “Antidotes”
The Ting Tings “We started nothing”
Oasis “Dig out your soul”
We are Scientists ” Brain Thrust Mastery”
The Rascals “Rascalize”

Giving up

I guess there is a moment that you do. I can think that there is a moment you are so pissed off of living this life that you agree dying. I can not think about any other time you give up. You may give up in learning finnish or english or looking for a job that would suit you and still live your life happily. But the true moment is when you are absolutely tired of suffering, or when you feel you do not have anything else to do here. That is the trick I guess. Don’t learn the trick. I will never give up. I miss the old Christmas days with you and the family, grandma. Don’t give up. I love you.