Best songs of 2008

I have been compiling songs that I consider as best of 2008. I made a playlist in, so I recommend everyonr who reads this post to go and check it. The website does not allow you to listen to the whole song in some cases (maybe I am too weird choosing the songs). Anyway, if you want to listen to the whole playlist, these songs may be available elsewhere.The playlist probably contains only 30 secs streaming that could be enough to discover if you like the song. Enjoy.

y como adelanto un par de videos

Disco Ensemble live @ Paradiso, Amsterdam

Realmente este grupo merece unos cuantos galardones este año: single del año por “Bad Luck Charm” o “Headphones” y probablemente al mejor directo por su concierto en Joensuu.

Pero otro video que quiero postear es el de Blood Red Shoes – Its Getting Boring By The Sea