Tick tick tick tick tick tick Tickets!

This is the second post about concert tickets. Some of those shows will be always in my heart, special moments that will be remembered forever.

I saw Last Days of April just one day before my debut with Rakiss Meiniss. It was a great show and we won the following day also, it was a game at 9:00.

Teenage Fanclub, one of the ebst live shows I have seen in Tavastia, my favourite venue in Helsinki! Definitely astonishing!

The first time I saw Kent live was in Stockholm. That tour (Turné 19) was awesome, and Du & jag döden was a fantastic album!

Sonorama 2005. Mogwai, Maga, etc,

I was not supposed to attend this show, but a friend could not go, and I got the ticket. I liked it a lot though! I would like to see Bloc Party again soon.

And this could have been the best show I have ever attended! Magic The Posies in Madrid. One of the bands of my life.

And two of the festivals I went to last summer, I had a lot of fun in those! Great!

Besides, I will still attend concerts when possible. This summer I have already planned a couple of festivals and maybe some concerts. Let’s see if there is a third chapter soon!!!