We won’t catch them again this time

I am referring to one of my favourite bands ever, Sunny Day Rea Estate. I remember the first time I listened to them on Radio 3, I was amazed about the first LP, “Diary”, but it was not until some years later that I really had access to all their work. The Rising Tide is, simply one of the best albums of all time and let’s say the best in the 2000 decade that is almost about to finish. And it was my 25 birthday’s present.
Now, they are on a reunion tour to be held in North America starting in September, 20 dates that if people are wise, will be sold out. Again, wel will miss them, and maybe for the last time. A worship band, I hope they will tour Europe or they will change their minds. Two of the bands I have missed, Nirvana and them, two of the greatests.