Photo post

Roskilde’s harbor, quite beautiful place to go for a walk when the sun goes down.
Roskide, Denmark, July 2009

Suvantosilta, Joensuu, Finland, December 2008

Under Suvantosilta, railway tracks, Joensuu, Finland, December 2008

Kukkosensaari, facing to Pyhäselkä Lake, Joensuu, Finland, October 2008 with Alberto

Pyhäselkä Lake, Joensuu, March 2009

Pyhäselkä Lake, Joensuu, Finland, April 2009

Roskilde Festival

One of the most famous and considered festivals around the World. Could be. Possibly is. But they made some bad decisions in my opinion.
They want to make the festival different, booking some “non typical bands” that play in every other festival. Well, maybe they are right, they have been out there for 39 years now and counting, and nobody is going to discuss with them about what they should do or not. Agree.
It is precisely that what saves them. I have been seriously thinking these days that there is a lot of people who attend the festival who may only see the closing band or not even that. I am serious. With the typical thieves hanging around, they may not want to leave their expensive speakers or audio systems alone.
May I be speaking without a knowledge? Well, it is also possible that they make turns staying with the stereo.
I could not believe that a person pays 240 euros just to stay in a camping playing techno music. And those are the people who save RF every year, those who do not care about the bands, in general. Of course I expect that they have seen Oasis, Coldplay and some other bands, but more than that?
What I mainly mean is that some people attend RF because it is RF.
After all, I had fun, a lot of fun and I saw many damn good bands but I expected more. A pity because it cost more than I am ever going to pay again for a festival and there were not even toilets in the camping site.
Here is the list of the bands I saw. I missed some others I wanted to see, due to timetable (who the hell thought about setting …and you will know us by the trail of dead at 14:30?) and my working days-conditions (I had to go every day to feed teh shrimps):

Veto (although they played on Friday in CPH, I consider them as part the festival)
Twins Twins (Excellent show! Even bought an EP)
Rubberhead Banditz (maybe the best show in the festival)
Men among animals
The Telstar sound Drone
Giana Factory (I think!)
Social Distortion
Fucked up
The Gaslight Anthem (great show)
I missed Mew because it was as full as it could be, although I listened to some songs)
Baddies (very good)
Friendly Fires (Liked it a lot)
Frightened Rabbit
Three first songs of Skambank
The Soft Pack
I got you on Tape
Cut off your hands (also one of the best shows)
Quite a lot of The Chap, and surprisingly I liked it
The Pains of being pure at heart
Pet shop boys
White Lies
The Bronx
Yeah Yeah Yeahs

That makes a total of 22 bands of which I saw, at least, the major part of the show. Not bad, but still, 240/22 makes 10.9 per show with free camping, which is not bad. Of course the camping is not a great thing. I may not return there if I ever come back to RF… dsgusting.

I am sorry not to have any pictures, but I was afraid of getting my camera stolen, as it could have been very possible, so that is a justified excuse.

About two weeks ago I saw Kaiser Chiefs at Tivoli in Copenhagen, excellent show and only average attendees, and the next stop was Tv on the Radio on Wednesday 29.07 (one of the best shows I have attended) and Beat Day in the middle of August. Maybe others but I am not sure yet.

At least Copenhagen and Roskilde are great cities regarding to concerts. I love Vega!