Once upon a time in 1992….

…Nirvana played in the Mtv music awards. I remember that luckily, although I dont have so many detailed memories of it, I got to see it live (or was a replay?) that year, when I just came home briefly in Villalba after probably some skating.
The story behind it tells that Kurt wanted to play “Rape me” and that Mtv had absolutely prohibited it. They were upset and the band were told thousands of times not to do so.
After all, the band decided to play some initial chords of “Rape me”, just to piss Mtv’s directors. Then they switched to Lithium, played it through to end up destroying the equipment.
Also, Krist Novoselic hit his head when he threw his bass guitar 25 feet over him and missjudged its fall.
Here is the video, worth watching

Nothing like these things happen nowadays. It is also good to see how they mock Mtv at the end of the video, when they receive the “Best New Band award”. They had attitude. They were awesome. How many good tunes Kurt would had composed in all these years if he would had been alive. Anyway, we miss you, rest in peace.