We are the Champions!

Me and The Cup behind

Last week, just seven days ago tuesday 23rd March, we were celebrating Jokipojat’s third victory agains DTeam that gave them the final victory in Mestis playoffs. Was kind of rmotional to feel the center of ice-hockey at least in Finland. These guys deserved it so badly after the last year loose against Vaasa Sport.
Jokipojat made the perfect playoffs, winning quarter finals, semifinals and finals by a 3-0. Besides, our great goalie, Mikko Rämö was declared as Most Valuable Player pf the playoffs.
We attended the games of the final in Joensuu. Exciting, at least the last one, where D-team really forced Joensuu players to put their best into the ice. Some of Jokipojat’s goals were just amazing. The 3-2 just made me jump from my seat, what a goal by Jarkko Malinen, pass by Scott Matzka, one of the two foreigners we currently have. The last one, 6-3 for us was also a really beautiful goal by Scott.
The first two legs of the finals were quite tight, we beated them in Mehtimäki 4-3 and 2-3 in Jyväskylä, but were able to crush them in the third leg 6-3 making really beautiful hockey.

Then, celebrations, the delivery of the Cup, the players came to the same bar as we were and we saw them very close, also the Cup (see picture above).

Anyway, something again special that I have lived in this marvellous city, Joensuu. It would be stupid, but if ice hockey opens the city to the rest of Finland it would be awesome. Tampere Ilves already leads the battle for promotion 1-0 but they will sweat blood to stay in SM Liiga. Welcome to Joensuu!!!



Jokipojat is the ice hockey team from Joensuu. When I got here I thought it would be a very small team, not so important anyway. But I proved to be wrong, at least partially.
Jokipojat is an important part of the city, at least in terms of hockey. Ice hockey is one of the national prides of Finland and sometimes even a religion. And indeed it is cool to have your “own” Ice hockey team in the city I am living in. Do you like ice hockey? Yes, sure. So which team do you support? Maple Leafs? Tampa Bay? Anaheim maybe? Well, hell yeah, I like Anaheim because Teemu Selänne, one of finnish legends plays there, but I like Jokipojat… and no, it is not a NHL team. Not even SM-Liiga. Hopefully next year. Yes We can!!!

Last year we lost the finals against Vaasa Sport, a team that has become one my “hated teams” and this year we are involved there too, with more possibilities.

Today they play the third leg (best of five) of the finals of Mestis (Finnish second division) against D-team. We lead it 2-0, so if we win today, we are Champions. Then, promotion to get into SM-liiga against Tampere Ilves will be played. But that is another thing.

And some videos of their win against LeKi 7-1