I had forgotten these feelings and emotions

If I remember right, if it is the only European final Atletico has played since I was born, it was one day when I was a child, if people say 24 years ago I was then 9 years old, at school and I clearly remember the ABC cover. Three spansih teams went into their respective final: Real Madrid in UEFA, Atletico in Cup Winners Cup and Barcelona in Europe’s Cup. Only Real Madrid brought their Cup home but it was an historical day for Spanish football anyway. When football was real football and not a business.

We (Atletico) lost that game against Dinamo Kiev 3-0. I did not even watch the game. Better like that because it would have been painful. Besides, I was not so much into football at that time. i was Atletic fan already, that I remember. School mates mock at me because all of them were Atletico supporters. I guess the fact that I was like the “weirdo” in my classroom has also built my character. I don’t care. I was happy to be almost the only Atletico fan among Real’s. And I am happy now that I am not supporting Barcelona, when everybody has got into “their marvellous play”.

Anyway, 14 years later, like in 1996, we have the chance to win two Cups: Europe League and Spanish Cup. I hope we bring them both to Madrid. We really needed this. We almost had forgotten about it.

I am sorry that it was Liverpool the team we needed to beat to pass through. It is a team I really like and a spirit many other teams would like for them. It is my team in England, but well, i think we were better overall and deserved to pass. We should already had left the play off 3-0 in Madrid, but only a1-0 was making me nervous.The second leg was a really hard game to play. I consider that we shoul not had got into extra time, but we did and it all happened in there. Forlán scored ours and we will face Fullham for the title. A night to enjoy, a night to dream, although at the end is only football.