Living in a foreing country

Is hard…. yes it is.
You may adapt well, very well, even look like a local, and kind of speak the language until levels that can even surprise you. You can learn the culture, the habits, how to treat people, etc.
But the most difficult part is to learn how people think, and why. And adapt to that is one of the challenges that a foreigner confronts when coming to another country.
It may take forever. You may not learn that in your whole stay. You’ll think your way, and they’ll think theirs, the problem is acting and what it looks like. You will act according to your thoughts, that possibly are very different thatn the locals’. And still, even if you are adapted perfectly and so on, they will not understand. And you will not understand them. or maybe after some years.
Also, to understand people’s feelings is hard. They may not express them as in your country. They may not express them at all. Or hide them.

So damn long time without posting anything… my apologies and a picture as a compensation.
Busy times and lazy too….

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