Where it all started…

Digging in some old papers i have found what can be one of my first exams (if not the first) at University, back in February 1995. I started in September 1994 at the Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia (UNED, meant for people who can not attend daily lectures) and I had my first exams at the end of that semester, in 1995.
This scanned exam I have posted here is about General Physics (obviously is only in Spanish), one of the must-take courses and luckily, not as bad as later signatures I had. I do not remember the grades I got, maybe good ones, I am not sure. Anyway, it was pretty more or less the same what we had in the previous year in high school.

Now, almost 16 years later, I have no idea of how to solve these problems and I am happy that I am still at University instead of private sector. My field is completely different, although at least I am using some Chemistry.
Well, a post related to personal history is always a pleasure because I love where I am now and things have changed quite a bit since that times.

And Happy 2011 to everyone!


It is really a pity that what we all suspected and somehow knew it is the real truth and it is only the tip of the iceberg, I am sure. Conspiracy, lies, and hidden agenda that we all watch on TV, for example in the X -files has come to the first pages of all the newspapers of the World. It should be an scandal, bigger than it is.
Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks have brought to light some of the secrets that are bothering the most important Governments of the World. Not only the “cablegate”, but video of “Collateral murder” and some other leaks have put this man into the spot.
And do you know what I think? In my opinion, they are going to kill him, to shut his mouth up or something like that. This man, a representative of those who want the truth to be told, is telling a lot of things that others did not dare to tell. And he is arrested. God, we should build a statue of him, name streets, squares and so on and he is in jail. And these two girls who are accusing him of rape. Someone has read what they are saying? Well, do it here or here. Ridiculous. The Interpol was looking for him because of that. I wonder what will they do with the real terrorist….

Truth. Such pure word, but somehow so absent in modern politics, WikiLeaks is bringing it to us. I hope it is still coming and I am sure we have seen nothing but children lies.
What will come next?

It would be a joke of this guy ends up in jail in Sweden because of what he has een accused of. But he will probably. Sweden has no hands now and is acting as a puppet in hte hands of USA.
Anyway, long life to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks!!!!