Best albums of 2007

A good year. This list does not pretend to be a bible or something like that. This is just my opinion, taking into account that I am not able to listen to all the released cd’s. But, despite the fact that I have been quite busy with my PhD and with all the things I have been up to, I have listened to quite a lot. I am sure that there are more, but I am not the only one music freak that writes a review for the best albums of 2007!
Lastly, I listen to a lot of music, and I mean a lot. I have to admit that I download music, yes, but I still buy cd’s also. I can not buy everything I listen to. Anyway, here is the list. Neither has it an order or something. There are not definitions with which we can define an album is better than another, simply, this reflects if I have liked the cd a lot or not. Here it is:

Albums of 2007

Bloc Party [A weekend in the city]
Dog Day [Night Group]
Vhs or Beta [Bring on the comets]
Lapko [Young Desire]
Pinback [Autumn of the seraphs]
Rubik [Bad conscience patrol]
Band of Horses [Cease to begin]
The Enemy [We’ll live and die in these towns]
The National [Boxer]
Interpol [Our Love To Admire]
Klaxons [Myths of the near future]
The Automatic [Not accepted anywhere]
Biffy Clyro [Puzzle]
Pigeon Detectives [Wait For Me]
Editors [An End Has A Start]
Travis [The boy with no name]
Rilo Kiley [Under the blacklight]
Arcade Fire [Neon bible]
[Idlewild] Make another world
Triangulo de amor bizarro [s/t]
Manic Street Preachers [Send Away the tigers]
The Orders [Guilt & Confusion]
Tegan and Sara [The Con]
Smashing Pumpkins [Zeitgeist]
Arctic Monkeys [Favourite Worst Nightmare]
Rogue Wave [Asleep At Heaven’s Gate]
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club [Baby 81]
The Perishers [Victorious]

It is a quite good list, I guess. There have been others as well, but first let’s talk a little about the list I wrote above.
There are albums I have really been impressed by, like “A weekend in the city“, criticized by a lot of people for being different or worst than “Silent alarm”, their debut LP. “AWITC” makes a step forward in the evolution of Bloc Party. More mature, rich and worked, definitely, among the top 10 of the year. It would also win the best cover, as I really like those night pictures of cities. Worth buying the deluxe edition, incluiding a DVD with videos and a live performance at Reading festival.
Another cd I love is Dog Day “Nigh group” . The canadian band got my attention witht their song “Lydia”, which I listened to in a compilation. Then, I listened to the whole cd, and then I bough it, last Christmas. Another top ten of the year. Here is one mp3 available thanks to their website “Oh dead life“. One of the bands of the moment. And I will not mention why they do not come to Spain. Neither to Finland.

Dog Day portrait by
Chris Frey
From left to right:
Crystal Thili, Seth Smith, Nancy Urich and Casey Spidle.

Another big surprised was “Bring on the Comets” by VHS or Beta, with a danceable atmosphere that includes the, I must say, HIT singles, She Says and Burn it all down.

Lapko live by Ville Yli-Knuutila

One of the cds I have listened to most this year is “Young desire” by Lapko. Also the band that I have seen more times: 4. But I really feel this is one of the finnish cds of the year, with of course, other of the great discoveries: The Orders and their magnificent Guilt & Confusion.
And there have been returns, like Arctic Monkeys, still in the crest of the wave with “Favourite worst nightmare” and manic Street Preachers, with “Send away the tigers”, debuts, like “Myths of the near future” by Klaxons or
The Automatic with “Not accepted anywhere”. In the case of Arctic Monkeys, it has been an honorable continuation to “Whatever people say I am…..“, if we think about all the pressure they must have had. They have toured almost all around the world, and, with the exception of festivals, they are now used to play 1 hour. No encores at all. An hour of pure adrenaline and watts, but nothing else, as I had the opportunity to check in their pre-tour concert in Barcelona.
Smashing Pumpkins have returned. yes it is not the same, they should not be called SP anymore. Maybe. but the truth is that, despite all this, is a good cd to return. Let’s see what follows!
And well, I could continue this post for ages, even until next year, the albums are there, in the list, so, I should not say more. Just listen to them. And give your opinion. Tell me if I have forgotten any. Thanks.

Mr. United States of America live at Pinkpop Festival, May 28th 2007 (Greetsia Tent/ Hyperphoto/

A year later // Un año después

Many things have changed. I am listening to AshTwilight to the innocents“, I am not drinking anything and I am going to sleep soon. I am having my vacations, deserved vacations, and I have my own project and money to work at least until the end of march, 2009. It has been a good year in that sense. I had also the opportunity to travel and move to Finland, one of my dreams of the last years. I am doing it now and it feels weird. I am happy there, many things could be better but, overall, I am happy there. I don’t want to complain and I am not going to do it. No way. It is what I wanted. What I asked for.
Life goes on, and life gets bad news when you get older. I wish my grandmother to be here with us, being all that healthy she has been for almost all her life until a couple of years ago. Laughing and playing cards as we did all Christmas and New Year’s Eves of all my life. But, as I said, things change and your life does it as well. Past times will never come again. That’s life.

Muchas cosas han cambiado. Estoy escuchando a Ash, su último cd “Twilight of the innocents“. No estoy bebiendo nada y pronto me iré a la cama. Estoy de vacaciones, merecidas vacaciones, y tengo mi proyecto y dinero al menos hasta el final de marzo de 2009. Ha sido un buen año en ese sentido. He tenido la oportunidad de viajar y mudarme a Finlandia, uno de mis sueños durante los últimos años. Se ha hecho realidad y es extraño, de algún modo. Estoy feliz allí, muchas cosas podrían ser mejor, pero, en general, estoy contento allí. No quiero protestar ni lo voy a hacer. Ni por asomo. Es lo que quería. Lo que pedí.
La vida avanza y la vida trae consigo malas noticias cuando creces. Desearía que mi abulea estuviera aquí con nosotros, tan bien de salud como ella ha estado hasta hace un par de años. Riendo y jugando a las cartas como hicimos durante todas las Nochebuenas y Fines de Año de toda mi vida. Pero, como he dicho, las cosas cambian y tu vida lo hace también. Tiempos pasados nunca volverán. Eso es la vida.