Best music of 2009

As every year (or almost) since I have this blog, the end of January-beginning of February is a good month to write about what was best for me in music the previous year, 2oo9 in this case.
When all the holy music bloggers (Thank you!) tend to already start looking the year back in November or the beginning of December I start looking at their blogs instead. I like to take the advantage of that.


And there is always, A-l-w-a-y-s! good surprises that I have missed for any reason. Maybe half of the songs that are shaping “mnilu’s Best of 2009” are based on these discovers I have made thanks to them.
This year I started compiling the songs in Spotify, but lastly, about two weeks ago, I discovered a web based player, and seems that I like it a lot: Grooveshark, a marvellous web based (yes, essential if you can’t install software at work, for example).


Let’s talk a little about Grooveshark, I guess most of the people will already know about Spotify. It is something like a streaming p2p, although I think that legal, because I think they have agreements with record companies, and literally p2p: you can upload your songs. So, most of the songs I did not find with Spotify I found them in Grooveshark.
Another important thing, for those who do not like to register in sites and bla bla bla, this site does not require registration. But of course I am freak enough to do it and even put my picture in my personal web. Same as in Sp, you can create playlists, you can love tracks, be fan of an user or bands of course.
Grooveshark also has commercials, yes, but not between the songs, just flash ads at the right of the main screen. I recommend it very much.
Anyway, I have been listening to a lot of music and choosing one or two songs from every album if I had liked them enough.
Sixty songs, I think more than three hours of playing, some of them really new bands for me, but what new bands…! some of them are amazing…
Here is the link I hope you do not have any problems in loading Grooveshark, if you even want to register please let me know and let’s follow each other!

mnilu’s best of 2009

and the songs I found in Spotify, just if you do not want to bother the Shark

Spotify’s mnilu’s best of 2009

Soon best albums and live acts will be posted, now I am tired and I have to go to have dinner and then to rest. By the way, if you have a Google account, you can now follow the blog, press the link at the right column ! and…

enjoy the music!

damn headphones !!!!!!!!!!!