Give me a ticket !!!!

Este fue mi primer concierto serio: Los Planetas acababan de lanzar “Pop” y me encantaban.

These are some of the shows (better, the tickets that gave access to them) I have enjoyed most in nearly 15 years attending to concerts. I really have good feelings and memories about these concerts. Somehow are part of my life. It is very strange that some bands I have seen maybe ten years ago are still there and that, after 10 years we may “meet” again in a show (like the Foo Fighters last summer or maybe Placebo this next?) and see how have they grown up and feel how much have I grown too. For example, I saw Embrace, the british band when they released their first record, “The good will out” in 1998! and now, today I am listening to them again. It was a warm friday morning maybe ten or eleven years ago, I was in Villalba and they were playing at Los Conciertos de Radio 3, quite far away. My grandmother (I miss you today more than ever) told me not to go, but as stubborn I am, I said I was going. And I went and it was good. Also played on TV later. They played six songs and I liked it. Oh my god. Maybe I was 22 or 23.
Anyway, here are som historical tickets. Some of them may be older than you are. Some of these moments are probably before you started to listen to music. Ahhhh, it is sooo easy to go to a gig today, you can listen the songs freely and even become a fan without buying any cd…anyway, here they are.

That day I finished september exams, I think I had Thermodynamics or something like that… horrible… anyway, it is the warmest concert I have ever been to: meaning TEMPERATURE. Outside it was +18 and the glasses of the venue were steamed up.. seriously in was embarrasing, girls were fainting…paint of the walls stuck to t-shirts.. hell.. anyway, it was a damn good show by Weezer and The Posies.

Another glorious day…

Nada Surf have been one of my favourites also… 12 years ago already.

The first in the line … yes I am a freak!

U-ru-sei Yat-su-ra! There always will be only one Urusei Yatsura

I really enjoyed this show and I am proud I attended to see one of the best spanish bands ever: El Niño Gusano. D.E.P. Sergio Algora. Genio!

Look at those three! They have to play in Roskilde!!!! They play in Provinssi rock… fuck!

And soon, a second chapter.