Tilbaka til samtiden

Finally, on Wednesday, I could go to the shops and see that “Tilbaka till samtiden” the exciting new Kent´s LP, was already on sale. I was looking for the special edition, well, 5 euros more expensive, but at the end, it is like a little treasure to keep for the rest of your life and, also, because I am a collector. The special edition contains a book (well, in fact it is a book), with I may say, 70-80 pictures of some artists, and the lyrics. Well, the truth is that I was a little disappointed about it, but now I like it.
Regarding to the musically speaking part of the LP, a first listening made me feel a little cold: “It is not the same“. It is true that “Du & jag döden” really impacted me, it is in my opinion, their best cd ever, so the pressure this time was huge. And “Tlbaka till samtiden” is not their best cd, maybe, but it is a really good cd, which I like. Maybe a transition to other music genres? It has less guitars, obviously, after Harri, one of the guitarist, left. But still. I have a special weakness for this band, as a have a weaknjess with Scandinavia. The best band in Scandinavia, without any doubts. And maybe one of the best bands in the whole world.

Of course, as it should be, they are touring Scandinavia in November and December, at first it was a rather small tour, that they were obliged to expand, due to the demand their tickets got. Originallt there was only one date in Helsinki, 2 in Stockholm, 2 in Göteborg, 1 in Oslo, Trondheim, Lund and Copenhagen. Now, take a look how it is. The tickets in Stockholm and Göteborg were sold out in ……… 16 minutes!!! Un-be-li-va-ble!

Source: kent.nu

And of course, I bought a ticket fot their first date in Hki, that it is their first date of the tour. Great!