Best music of 2009

As every year (or almost) since I have this blog, the end of January-beginning of February is a good month to write about what was best for me in music the previous year, 2oo9 in this case.
When all the holy music bloggers (Thank you!) tend to already start looking the year back in November or the beginning of December I start looking at their blogs instead. I like to take the advantage of that.


And there is always, A-l-w-a-y-s! good surprises that I have missed for any reason. Maybe half of the songs that are shaping “mnilu’s Best of 2009” are based on these discovers I have made thanks to them.
This year I started compiling the songs in Spotify, but lastly, about two weeks ago, I discovered a web based player, and seems that I like it a lot: Grooveshark, a marvellous web based (yes, essential if you can’t install software at work, for example).


Let’s talk a little about Grooveshark, I guess most of the people will already know about Spotify. It is something like a streaming p2p, although I think that legal, because I think they have agreements with record companies, and literally p2p: you can upload your songs. So, most of the songs I did not find with Spotify I found them in Grooveshark.
Another important thing, for those who do not like to register in sites and bla bla bla, this site does not require registration. But of course I am freak enough to do it and even put my picture in my personal web. Same as in Sp, you can create playlists, you can love tracks, be fan of an user or bands of course.
Grooveshark also has commercials, yes, but not between the songs, just flash ads at the right of the main screen. I recommend it very much.
Anyway, I have been listening to a lot of music and choosing one or two songs from every album if I had liked them enough.
Sixty songs, I think more than three hours of playing, some of them really new bands for me, but what new bands…! some of them are amazing…
Here is the link I hope you do not have any problems in loading Grooveshark, if you even want to register please let me know and let’s follow each other!

mnilu’s best of 2009

and the songs I found in Spotify, just if you do not want to bother the Shark

Spotify’s mnilu’s best of 2009

Soon best albums and live acts will be posted, now I am tired and I have to go to have dinner and then to rest. By the way, if you have a Google account, you can now follow the blog, press the link at the right column ! and…

enjoy the music!

damn headphones !!!!!!!!!!!

Roskilde Festival

One of the most famous and considered festivals around the World. Could be. Possibly is. But they made some bad decisions in my opinion.
They want to make the festival different, booking some “non typical bands” that play in every other festival. Well, maybe they are right, they have been out there for 39 years now and counting, and nobody is going to discuss with them about what they should do or not. Agree.
It is precisely that what saves them. I have been seriously thinking these days that there is a lot of people who attend the festival who may only see the closing band or not even that. I am serious. With the typical thieves hanging around, they may not want to leave their expensive speakers or audio systems alone.
May I be speaking without a knowledge? Well, it is also possible that they make turns staying with the stereo.
I could not believe that a person pays 240 euros just to stay in a camping playing techno music. And those are the people who save RF every year, those who do not care about the bands, in general. Of course I expect that they have seen Oasis, Coldplay and some other bands, but more than that?
What I mainly mean is that some people attend RF because it is RF.
After all, I had fun, a lot of fun and I saw many damn good bands but I expected more. A pity because it cost more than I am ever going to pay again for a festival and there were not even toilets in the camping site.
Here is the list of the bands I saw. I missed some others I wanted to see, due to timetable (who the hell thought about setting …and you will know us by the trail of dead at 14:30?) and my working days-conditions (I had to go every day to feed teh shrimps):

Veto (although they played on Friday in CPH, I consider them as part the festival)
Twins Twins (Excellent show! Even bought an EP)
Rubberhead Banditz (maybe the best show in the festival)
Men among animals
The Telstar sound Drone
Giana Factory (I think!)
Social Distortion
Fucked up
The Gaslight Anthem (great show)
I missed Mew because it was as full as it could be, although I listened to some songs)
Baddies (very good)
Friendly Fires (Liked it a lot)
Frightened Rabbit
Three first songs of Skambank
The Soft Pack
I got you on Tape
Cut off your hands (also one of the best shows)
Quite a lot of The Chap, and surprisingly I liked it
The Pains of being pure at heart
Pet shop boys
White Lies
The Bronx
Yeah Yeah Yeahs

That makes a total of 22 bands of which I saw, at least, the major part of the show. Not bad, but still, 240/22 makes 10.9 per show with free camping, which is not bad. Of course the camping is not a great thing. I may not return there if I ever come back to RF… dsgusting.

I am sorry not to have any pictures, but I was afraid of getting my camera stolen, as it could have been very possible, so that is a justified excuse.

About two weeks ago I saw Kaiser Chiefs at Tivoli in Copenhagen, excellent show and only average attendees, and the next stop was Tv on the Radio on Wednesday 29.07 (one of the best shows I have attended) and Beat Day in the middle of August. Maybe others but I am not sure yet.

At least Copenhagen and Roskilde are great cities regarding to concerts. I love Vega!

We won’t catch them again this time

I am referring to one of my favourite bands ever, Sunny Day Rea Estate. I remember the first time I listened to them on Radio 3, I was amazed about the first LP, “Diary”, but it was not until some years later that I really had access to all their work. The Rising Tide is, simply one of the best albums of all time and let’s say the best in the 2000 decade that is almost about to finish. And it was my 25 birthday’s present.
Now, they are on a reunion tour to be held in North America starting in September, 20 dates that if people are wise, will be sold out. Again, wel will miss them, and maybe for the last time. A worship band, I hope they will tour Europe or they will change their minds. Two of the bands I have missed, Nirvana and them, two of the greatests.

Tick tick tick tick tick tick Tickets!

This is the second post about concert tickets. Some of those shows will be always in my heart, special moments that will be remembered forever.

I saw Last Days of April just one day before my debut with Rakiss Meiniss. It was a great show and we won the following day also, it was a game at 9:00.

Teenage Fanclub, one of the ebst live shows I have seen in Tavastia, my favourite venue in Helsinki! Definitely astonishing!

The first time I saw Kent live was in Stockholm. That tour (Turné 19) was awesome, and Du & jag döden was a fantastic album!

Sonorama 2005. Mogwai, Maga, etc,

I was not supposed to attend this show, but a friend could not go, and I got the ticket. I liked it a lot though! I would like to see Bloc Party again soon.

And this could have been the best show I have ever attended! Magic The Posies in Madrid. One of the bands of my life.

And two of the festivals I went to last summer, I had a lot of fun in those! Great!

Besides, I will still attend concerts when possible. This summer I have already planned a couple of festivals and maybe some concerts. Let’s see if there is a third chapter soon!!!

Give me a ticket !!!!

Este fue mi primer concierto serio: Los Planetas acababan de lanzar “Pop” y me encantaban.

These are some of the shows (better, the tickets that gave access to them) I have enjoyed most in nearly 15 years attending to concerts. I really have good feelings and memories about these concerts. Somehow are part of my life. It is very strange that some bands I have seen maybe ten years ago are still there and that, after 10 years we may “meet” again in a show (like the Foo Fighters last summer or maybe Placebo this next?) and see how have they grown up and feel how much have I grown too. For example, I saw Embrace, the british band when they released their first record, “The good will out” in 1998! and now, today I am listening to them again. It was a warm friday morning maybe ten or eleven years ago, I was in Villalba and they were playing at Los Conciertos de Radio 3, quite far away. My grandmother (I miss you today more than ever) told me not to go, but as stubborn I am, I said I was going. And I went and it was good. Also played on TV later. They played six songs and I liked it. Oh my god. Maybe I was 22 or 23.
Anyway, here are som historical tickets. Some of them may be older than you are. Some of these moments are probably before you started to listen to music. Ahhhh, it is sooo easy to go to a gig today, you can listen the songs freely and even become a fan without buying any cd…anyway, here they are.

That day I finished september exams, I think I had Thermodynamics or something like that… horrible… anyway, it is the warmest concert I have ever been to: meaning TEMPERATURE. Outside it was +18 and the glasses of the venue were steamed up.. seriously in was embarrasing, girls were fainting…paint of the walls stuck to t-shirts.. hell.. anyway, it was a damn good show by Weezer and The Posies.

Another glorious day…

Nada Surf have been one of my favourites also… 12 years ago already.

The first in the line … yes I am a freak!

U-ru-sei Yat-su-ra! There always will be only one Urusei Yatsura

I really enjoyed this show and I am proud I attended to see one of the best spanish bands ever: El Niño Gusano. D.E.P. Sergio Algora. Genio!

Look at those three! They have to play in Roskilde!!!! They play in Provinssi rock… fuck!

And soon, a second chapter.

Best albums of 2008

New technologies are great to develop a better world. New techniques are applied in research, normal life, construction, etc, to develop better tasks and to develop the World in general. That is what happens with the mp3 technologies and the internet. It allows you to listen to thousands of bands that would never had been reached you if internet was not there. So that is the point. After listen to an album I may buy it if I find a reasonable seller that sells it at a reasonable price.
Anyway, as I am listening to music all days, this list may be long, but that is thanks to the new technologies. And believe me I have bought quite a lot of those cds. But I can not buy everything I listen to. Impossible.
As always, no order established, just the best ones of 2008.

Tv on the radio “Dear Science”
Blood Red Shoes “Box of secrets”
Feeder ” Silent cry”
British Sea Power “Do you like rock music?”
Duels “The barbarians move in”
Girls in Hawaii “Plan your scape”
Sons and Daughters “This gift”
Last shadow puppets “Age of the understatement”
Underwater sleeping Society “The dead Vegas”
¡Forward, Russia! “Life processes”
Disco Ensemble “Magic recoveries”
Tiger Lou ” A partial print”
Die! Die! Die! “Promises promises”
Snow Patrol “A hundred million suns”
Bob Mould “District line”
The Music “Strength in numbers”
The Subways “All or nothing”
Frightened rabbit “The midnight organ fight”
Von Hertzen Brothers “Love remains the same”
Fucked up “The chemistry of common life”
R.E.M. ” Accelerate”
Santogold “st”
The Departure “Inventions”
We are Scientists “Brain thrust mastery”
Beck “Modern guilt”
Tokyo Police club ” Elefant shell”
Foals “Antidotes”
The Ting Tings “We started nothing”
Oasis “Dig out your soul”
We are Scientists ” Brain Thrust Mastery”
The Rascals “Rascalize”

I am the boy from nowhere

Hello everybody. I have probably listen to this song over 50 times in the last 2 weeks. It is amazing. Here is it, give it a listen and read the lyrics.
Pedazo de canción. Tened el placer de escuchadla aquí.

We’re the boys turning inside out
Overwrite so tight without a doubt
We’re the boys always wrong
And always right

We are the boys from nowhere
And we’re going home tonight

Meet us on the outside
Where the darkness shines so bright
On the autobahn where we first found our souls

Cuz when the world is over
We’re still the boys from nowhere
And tonight, tonight we’re coming home
Yeah – Yeah!

We’re the boys heavier than light
So beyond repair
Born out of spite
Far away is near
The only becon is the night

Scarier than fear
But that’s alright

See you on the outskirts
Where the wasteland meets the night
By the rainbow tracks
We first found our souls

Cuz when the world is over
We’re still the boys from nowhere
And tonight, tonight we’re coming home
I gotta go!

What are you doin’
We don’t know
Where are you goin’
We don’t care

No, no, no…

You’ll never know

Meet us on the highway
Where the headlights shine so bright
By the gas station
When we first found our souls

Cuz when the world is over
We’re still the boys from nowhere
And tonight, tonight we’re coming home
Yeah – Yeah!

Tonight, tonight we’re coming home
Oh, tonight, tonight we’re coming
We’re comin’ home

So c’mon

Best albums of 2007

A good year. This list does not pretend to be a bible or something like that. This is just my opinion, taking into account that I am not able to listen to all the released cd’s. But, despite the fact that I have been quite busy with my PhD and with all the things I have been up to, I have listened to quite a lot. I am sure that there are more, but I am not the only one music freak that writes a review for the best albums of 2007!
Lastly, I listen to a lot of music, and I mean a lot. I have to admit that I download music, yes, but I still buy cd’s also. I can not buy everything I listen to. Anyway, here is the list. Neither has it an order or something. There are not definitions with which we can define an album is better than another, simply, this reflects if I have liked the cd a lot or not. Here it is:

Albums of 2007

Bloc Party [A weekend in the city]
Dog Day [Night Group]
Vhs or Beta [Bring on the comets]
Lapko [Young Desire]
Pinback [Autumn of the seraphs]
Rubik [Bad conscience patrol]
Band of Horses [Cease to begin]
The Enemy [We’ll live and die in these towns]
The National [Boxer]
Interpol [Our Love To Admire]
Klaxons [Myths of the near future]
The Automatic [Not accepted anywhere]
Biffy Clyro [Puzzle]
Pigeon Detectives [Wait For Me]
Editors [An End Has A Start]
Travis [The boy with no name]
Rilo Kiley [Under the blacklight]
Arcade Fire [Neon bible]
[Idlewild] Make another world
Triangulo de amor bizarro [s/t]
Manic Street Preachers [Send Away the tigers]
The Orders [Guilt & Confusion]
Tegan and Sara [The Con]
Smashing Pumpkins [Zeitgeist]
Arctic Monkeys [Favourite Worst Nightmare]
Rogue Wave [Asleep At Heaven’s Gate]
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club [Baby 81]
The Perishers [Victorious]

It is a quite good list, I guess. There have been others as well, but first let’s talk a little about the list I wrote above.
There are albums I have really been impressed by, like “A weekend in the city“, criticized by a lot of people for being different or worst than “Silent alarm”, their debut LP. “AWITC” makes a step forward in the evolution of Bloc Party. More mature, rich and worked, definitely, among the top 10 of the year. It would also win the best cover, as I really like those night pictures of cities. Worth buying the deluxe edition, incluiding a DVD with videos and a live performance at Reading festival.
Another cd I love is Dog Day “Nigh group” . The canadian band got my attention witht their song “Lydia”, which I listened to in a compilation. Then, I listened to the whole cd, and then I bough it, last Christmas. Another top ten of the year. Here is one mp3 available thanks to their website “Oh dead life“. One of the bands of the moment. And I will not mention why they do not come to Spain. Neither to Finland.

Dog Day portrait by
Chris Frey
From left to right:
Crystal Thili, Seth Smith, Nancy Urich and Casey Spidle.

Another big surprised was “Bring on the Comets” by VHS or Beta, with a danceable atmosphere that includes the, I must say, HIT singles, She Says and Burn it all down.

Lapko live by Ville Yli-Knuutila

One of the cds I have listened to most this year is “Young desire” by Lapko. Also the band that I have seen more times: 4. But I really feel this is one of the finnish cds of the year, with of course, other of the great discoveries: The Orders and their magnificent Guilt & Confusion.
And there have been returns, like Arctic Monkeys, still in the crest of the wave with “Favourite worst nightmare” and manic Street Preachers, with “Send away the tigers”, debuts, like “Myths of the near future” by Klaxons or
The Automatic with “Not accepted anywhere”. In the case of Arctic Monkeys, it has been an honorable continuation to “Whatever people say I am…..“, if we think about all the pressure they must have had. They have toured almost all around the world, and, with the exception of festivals, they are now used to play 1 hour. No encores at all. An hour of pure adrenaline and watts, but nothing else, as I had the opportunity to check in their pre-tour concert in Barcelona.
Smashing Pumpkins have returned. yes it is not the same, they should not be called SP anymore. Maybe. but the truth is that, despite all this, is a good cd to return. Let’s see what follows!
And well, I could continue this post for ages, even until next year, the albums are there, in the list, so, I should not say more. Just listen to them. And give your opinion. Tell me if I have forgotten any. Thanks.

Mr. United States of America live at Pinkpop Festival, May 28th 2007 (Greetsia Tent/ Hyperphoto/

Tilbaka til samtiden

Finally, on Wednesday, I could go to the shops and see that “Tilbaka till samtiden” the exciting new Kent´s LP, was already on sale. I was looking for the special edition, well, 5 euros more expensive, but at the end, it is like a little treasure to keep for the rest of your life and, also, because I am a collector. The special edition contains a book (well, in fact it is a book), with I may say, 70-80 pictures of some artists, and the lyrics. Well, the truth is that I was a little disappointed about it, but now I like it.
Regarding to the musically speaking part of the LP, a first listening made me feel a little cold: “It is not the same“. It is true that “Du & jag döden” really impacted me, it is in my opinion, their best cd ever, so the pressure this time was huge. And “Tlbaka till samtiden” is not their best cd, maybe, but it is a really good cd, which I like. Maybe a transition to other music genres? It has less guitars, obviously, after Harri, one of the guitarist, left. But still. I have a special weakness for this band, as a have a weaknjess with Scandinavia. The best band in Scandinavia, without any doubts. And maybe one of the best bands in the whole world.

Of course, as it should be, they are touring Scandinavia in November and December, at first it was a rather small tour, that they were obliged to expand, due to the demand their tickets got. Originallt there was only one date in Helsinki, 2 in Stockholm, 2 in Göteborg, 1 in Oslo, Trondheim, Lund and Copenhagen. Now, take a look how it is. The tickets in Stockholm and Göteborg were sold out in ……… 16 minutes!!! Un-be-li-va-ble!


And of course, I bought a ticket fot their first date in Hki, that it is their first date of the tour. Great!