It may be the best of all the systems, the best of the worst (because this World is wrongly designed), but definitely it is based on things that are not possible, and the day that everything explodes and comes back 100 years in time is closer… approaching seriously I believe.The sick consumption that we are experiencing gets crazier and crazier every day, well it may have stopped a little bit with the actual World economic crisis, but I think people are waiting for things to get back to “normal” and start buying compulsively again.

I got the idea of this post originally from here. Interesting point of view indeed. An idea that has always round my head. Among my friends, there have been always typical sentences when seomething gets broken (and these things were not suppposed to get broken). Some examples are”Before cd players were made really solid and lasted much longer than now” or “Ihave to get a new x, because the old one is not working anymore”. Well, now I have found an interesting report about why these things happen. And it comes that what we all suspected is true, capitalism is a concept that will end up with us if we do not do something about it.
Sorry the video is in mainly in Spanish, but those of you who understand it it will be revealing.

The question is also, what is the alternative? Are there other ways to live in this Planet without destroyinh it and in a sustainable way? I believe yes, but taking into account that we are close to be 7000 million inhabitants in Planet Earth makes it a little bit difficult. Only in food we will crash natural resources in few time. But well, at least we can fight agains the system in many ways. I like to way this guy in the video fights against what the dealers impose and actually ends up fiding out why his printer doe snot work anymore. We all should fight against it in that way at least.
In my case, I try not to buy things that I really do not need. Sometimes I fail, yeah, sometimes I let myself in the tornado of the system. At least I use things until their last possible minute of life and I try to buy second hand stuff as much as I can afford and as much as it is worth.

Consequences are already out there and maybe hidden. We are already paying a toll about this and we will pay it much longer. For example, contamination caused by progress is already a fact that concerns to many. You are probably eating contaminated fish and people are not aware of that. And we are passing these contaminats to our children, and these may casue really nasty diseases 15-20 years later. Hell, we are destroying ourselves.