This summer reminds me of winter

Solitary tree in the fog, Ylläs, Finland, March 2014

Cracking, Kuopio, Finland, April 2014

Stone surfaces, Kuopio, Finland, April 2014

Traces of winter tears Paltaniemi, Kajaani, Finland April 2014

Dogs love snow, Kuopio, Finland, January 2014

Aurora Borealis

Now it is the time again. Hopefully the Sun activity will increase again during the next days (well, not to the point of frying us) and the other dfactors will align so we will be able to contemplate again this marvelous show. And at a bit warmer temperatures than last time in March (-20 C). So here, two of the last time. You’ve been missed, Aurora!

Four Seasons

 Now, although in my home country is still summer and it will be for some weeks, here in Finland, autumn is striking rapidly and soon the leaves will be falling massively and the beautiful “ruka” colors will invade us. Seasons pass by fast and it helps you to have a strong conception of time. Here they are, the four Finnish seasons, winter the longest, followed by autumn, summer and spring. Hope you enjoy.

Best of 2010

I have to say and recognize, it may come a bit late and soon some bloggers will be talking about the first six months of 2011, but, on my own behalf, i will say that I was digesting new cds I have discovered, I have been very busy at work and studying Finnish. But well, this is it, a fermented list, with what I think is really the best of last year in music. I really have listenend a lot to make this list and I thank all those unknown bloggers that made the list before me on time. I have enjoyed it better this way, it is always like this. Otherwise I would had missed a lot of good cds.

If you have read my lists from other years, you already know that this is not based in any reason such: this is a so good album because is so eclectic and because the guitars here have a very special sound or because bla bla bla. I do not like that. If I have liked an album I will just write it in here and that is it. No reasons, just plain opinion about likes and dislikes.

Another innovatin is that I will try to locate the albums in Spotify and Grooveshark so you, reader, can listen to them easily. Who would have told me this 10 years ago? Awesome.
So here it is (no order of preference, why should it be an order? Based on what?):

Titus AndronicusThe monitor
Frightened RabbitThe Winter of mixed drinks
Les Savy FavRoot for ruin
The ThermalsPersonal life
SuperchunkMajesty shredding
Tokyo Police clubChamp
Mistery jetsSerotonin
Spoon “Transference”
Broken Social Scene “Forgiveness rock record”
Japandroids “No singles”
Wintersleep “New inheritors”
Ginger ninja “Wicked map”
Sad day for puppets “Pale silver & Shiny gold”
Paper “Coming for you” (Single)
The Soft pack “st”
Hypernova “Through the chaos”
Aloha ” Home acres”
Grinderman “Grinderman 2”
Now, Now “Neighbors”
Klaxons “Surfing The Void”
Lapko “A new Bohemia”
Atlantic line “Exit to intro”
Deerhunter “Halcyon digest”
Common loon “The long dream of birds”
Weekend “Sports”
Chapel club “Palace”
Love like fire “Dust”
Teenagers in Tokyo “Sacrifice”
The kissaway trail “Sleep mountain”
Blood red shoes “Fire like this”
Ted Leo and the pharmacists “The brutalist bricks”
Surfer blood “Astro coast”
Disco Ensemble ” The island of Disco ensemble”
We are scientists “Barbara”
New young opony club “The optimist”
Team ghost “You never did anything wrong to me EP”

I will update the links and will maybe add some band that I have forgotte But now, I feel so embarrased that is the middle of the year already and I hadn’t done this.
Oh, and soon the best songs too!

Living in a foreing country

Is hard…. yes it is.
You may adapt well, very well, even look like a local, and kind of speak the language until levels that can even surprise you. You can learn the culture, the habits, how to treat people, etc.
But the most difficult part is to learn how people think, and why. And adapt to that is one of the challenges that a foreigner confronts when coming to another country.
It may take forever. You may not learn that in your whole stay. You’ll think your way, and they’ll think theirs, the problem is acting and what it looks like. You will act according to your thoughts, that possibly are very different thatn the locals’. And still, even if you are adapted perfectly and so on, they will not understand. And you will not understand them. or maybe after some years.
Also, to understand people’s feelings is hard. They may not express them as in your country. They may not express them at all. Or hide them.

So damn long time without posting anything… my apologies and a picture as a compensation.
Busy times and lazy too….