Smalls details of nature


Blue ice




Leave on snow


Dying plant



Aurora Borealis

Now it is the time again. Hopefully the Sun activity will increase again during the next days (well, not to the point of frying us) and the other dfactors will align so we will be able to contemplate again this marvelous show. And at a bit warmer temperatures than last time in March (-20 C). So here, two of the last time. You’ve been missed, Aurora!

Four Seasons

 Now, although in my home country is still summer and it will be for some weeks, here in Finland, autumn is striking rapidly and soon the leaves will be falling massively and the beautiful “ruka” colors will invade us. Seasons pass by fast and it helps you to have a strong conception of time. Here they are, the four Finnish seasons, winter the longest, followed by autumn, summer and spring. Hope you enjoy.